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BMT Kerapro Advance Straightening Mask

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BMT KERAPRO ADVANCED is the new formulation of KERAPRO K5 Smoothing Treatment.

Its renewed formaldehyde-free formula with KerAmin-A and Thermoliss Protection achieves, in just 2 steps, optimal results on all hair types, without damaging it.
The combination of keratin with organic amino acids from natural fruits, guarantee an effect of repair, nutrition and protection of the hair during and after the smoothing process. Healthy, smooth, shiny, soft and with natural movement up to 12 weeks.

Professional straightening
Nourishes, moisturizes, revitalizes and protects from damage.
Eliminates frizz and volume.
Disciplinary hair with natural movement.
Gives radiance brightness and softness.
With thermal memory, it is activated with the heat of the iron.
Result up to 12 weeks.
Manageable and versatile hair.
For all types of hair.

Step 1:
Before starting the process, diagnose the resistance, density and curls of the hair. Wash with KERAPRO Pre-Smoothed Shampoo, rinse up to 2 times and remove excess moisture with a towel. Dry with a dryer at medium temperature until the hair is completely dry.

Step 2:
To prepare the application of the Straightening Mask, divide the hair into 4 zones and collect before applying the mask.
Avoid touching the scalp, apply the mask wick by wick from the root to the ends covering all the hair.
Avoid excess product, for which during the application of the KERAPRO Treatment Mask and once the application on the entire hair, using a fine comb, give several passes to reoger the excess product. This will prevent smoke in the later step. If too much smoke came out, this would mean that we still have excess product.

Step 3:
Leave on the treatment mask for 15 minutes. After that time, remove the excess product again with the help of a comb and dry the hair using the brushing technique until the hair is smooth and dry.
This phase is very important, it is necessary to give several passes with the brush and dryer until each strand is perfectly smooth.

Step 4:
Iron the hair at a temperature between 200 ° C and 215 ° C until no residue of the mask remains.
Then wait 10-15 minutes for the client's body temperature to return to its initial state.
For this step it is important that the strands are thin and repeat the ironing several times (6-8 passes depending on the resistance and hair type)

Step 5:
Wash the hair with Post Smoothing Shampoo and rinse. Remove excess water and apply the post-smoothed conditioner with a 5-minute exposure time to hydrate the hair after treatment. Rinse and dry with a towel.

Step 6:
Apply the smoothed post serum on wet hair from medium to ends.
The recommended amount is 5 to 10 ml. approximately, depending on the length of the hair.
Dry with dryer.

SIZE: 300ml