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Halo Polibuild Bright White 40g

by Halo
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Halo PoliBuild Precision Gel Bright White is a highly pigmented product that needs to be applied extremely thinly to allow the LED light to penetrate through and set the product. When using Bright White, it must be capped in clear before filing and buffing to give the product strength. Can be used to create all 3 'French' styles and Baby Boomers.

Like many other polygel products Bright White is the only colour that is different to the rest. Due to the pigment and bright colour the UV/LED reflects the light which makes the product difficult to set. Therefore we advise that it is applied extra thin and used in a 'sandwich technique': Clear – Bright White – Clear

Halo PoliBuild Precision Gel combines acrylic and hard gel to create a faultless, all in one nail system. It provides a strong and flexible, light nail enhancement that is perfect for use with Halo Gel Polish.

Gone are the days of perfecting a working consistency; Halo PoliBuild requires zero monomer, mixing and ratios, all that’s needed is our Halo PoliBuild Liquid Control to manipulate the product as you want it, working as fast or as slow as you like. Its unique formula allows for a smooth and flawless finish that’s easy to file to create the perfect nail enhancement!